Hiroki Kikuta

Composer / Arranger
Hiroki Kikuta is a composer based in Tokyo, Japan who’s known for his varied inspirations from around the globe. Having studied and obtained a degree in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Cultural Anthropology and after a short stint as a manga illustrator, Kikuta got his start in music scoring several anime series before striking out to compose music for games. After submitting a demo to Squaresoft and creating an impression with his demos that drew on Kikuta’s appreciation of progressive rock music, Kikuta was hired in 1991 and began creating sound effects for ROMANCING SAGA and composed the now-iconic soundtrack for SECRET OF MANA (SEIKEN DENSETSU 2 in Japan). The score delighted fans around the world with its progressive rock, ambient, and world music stylings and remains his most famous work to date. Kikuta continued his work at Squaresoft with the Super Nintendo sequel TRIALS OF MANA (SEIKEN DENSETSU 3 in Japan) and the Japan-only PlayStation title SOUKAIGI where Kikuta was able to try his hand recording live session players for the first time.

After departing Squaresoft in 1998, Kikuta formed his own game production studio, Sacnoth, where he directed, produced, and scored the horror RPG, KOUDELKA. This was followed by freelance work in Japan’s vibrant but largely underground indie game community where he worked on over a dozen smaller titles leading up to work with SEGA on SHINING HEARTS and SHINING BLADE, with Namco Bandai on SOULCALIBUR V, and again with Square Enix on RISE OF MANA and SECRET OF MANA REMAKE. He also started Nostrillia Label and Metaphasic Child at this time through which he’s released a dozen original works spanning chiptunes, progressive rock, ambient music, and more.

In 2014, Hiroki Kikuta joined forces with Scarlet Moon to bring his love for indie game development and the raw creativity they inspire to a worldwide audience. With Scarlet Moon, he’s contributed to over a dozen indie titles ranging from the beautiful RPG from Lab Zero Games, INDIVISIBLE and the retro roguelike TANGLEDEEP to the upcoming 8-bit pop-infused ORANGE ISLAND and Greek-flavored SNES-style HAZELNUT BASTILLE.

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Selected Videogame Credits
Rakugaki Kingdom (2020) Composer
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG (2019) Composer
Indivisible (2019) Composer
Last Labyrinth (2019) Composer
Secret of Mana Remake (2018) Composer
Tangledeep (2018) Composer
Battle of Blade (2017) Composer
Rise of Mana (2014) Composer
Shining Arc (2013) Composer
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (2013) Composer
SOULCALIBUR V (2012) Composer
Shining Blade (2012) Composer
DEMONS’ SCORE (2012) Composer
Mebius Online (2011) Composer
Wizardry Online (2011) Composer
Shining Hearts (2010) Composer
Concerto Gate Forte (2010) Composer
Concerto Gate (2007) Composer
Koudelka (1999) Composer, Director, Producer
Soukaigi (1998) Composer
Seiken Densetsu 3 (1995) Composer
Secret of Mana (1993) Composer